Care of the Intrapartum Patient

PCEO Region II

Care of the Intrapartum Patient

This introductory course to labor and delivery theory is designed to prepare the nurse with basic knowledge of the labor and delivery process. Topics include physiology of labor, maternal and fetal assessment, and stages of labor, anesthesia / analgesia and nursing intervention for labor, delivery, and recovery. There is a hands-on component to this course.


  1. Describe the common theories explaining the onset and continuation of labor, as well as the role of the five “P’s”.
  2. Discuss the potential for deviations in the five “P’s”.
  3. Describe the stages and phases of labor and the care of the client during each stage.
  4. Discuss the use and interpretation of electronic fetal monitoring.
  5. Discuss risk factors that may affect labor outcome.
  6. Describe the indications for assisted deliveries and Caesarean sections.
  7. Describe the nursing interventions, comfort measures utilized during labor.

Contact Hours: 6.3
Wilson Health is an approved provider of continuing education by the Ohio Nurses Association, an Ohio Board of Nursing Approver. (OBN-001-91)

Co-Provided by PCEO

Faculty: Experienced L&D nurses
Target Audience: New employees to maternity nursing, cross-training personnel and students interested in labor and delivery